This process starts with a complimentary initial consultation (30-60 min). This provides

an opportunity to discover if we are a fit for each other, time to meet and discuss your

current situation, question and answer time.

Face to Face Consult
Evaluation and Data Collection

The evaluation (90-120 minutes) consists of a detailed health history analysis, weight

distribution measurement, postural examination, girth measurements(if applicable),

System Action Reaction Screen(SARS), and range of motion evaluation.

We’ll check the quality of motion, and your body’s ability to generate contraction (force)

in various positions. We are looking at your body’s ability to control (stability) and

move through space (mobility).

The data we collect creates a blueprint (map) as a baseline for your progress. It allows

us to support you reaching your goals in a safe and effective manner.

A Report of Findings (a plan) is put together and discussed prior to your first session.

Report of Findings (The Plan)

Now with an understanding of the current state of your system, we will

create a specific, individualized plan for you. This plan will be based

on your goals, lifestyle, health and injury history and the objective


Muscular System Optimization (The Acute Muscular Potentiation Process and Chronic change)

We utilize different modes (types) of contractions to illicit tissue

response. We may work on or off the table using different types of

resistance in the gym. You may have some exercises/movements to

do at home as prescribed.

We are looking to improve your body’s ability to generate contraction,

control movement and progressively become stronger. We first look

to implement acute changes, the end game being chronic or long term

change. Bottom line….its a process and we are here to guide and

teach you along the way.

This process is different for every body, there are many variables

(many we can’t see or measure) that are in play. Our scientific

approach guarantees the best outcome.